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About the Boards

The Ohio Architects Board and the Ohio Landscape Architects Board are responsible for the regulation of the practices of architecture and landscape architecture in the State of Ohio. There are two boards, with one budget and one staff. The Ohio Architects Board was established in 1929 and the Ohio Landscape Architects Board was established in 1965.

The regulation of the two professions includes: issuing and renewing the licenses of properly qualified individuals; investigating complaints against licensees; monitoring compliance with mandatory continuing education requirements; and educating licensees and the consumers of the services provided by the board's licensees on the laws and rules that govern the practice of architecture and landscape architecture in Ohio and the board's role to promote and protect the health of the citizens of Ohio through effective regulation of the professions.

Important News and Announcements
Didn't Renew Your Firm On Time? Here's How to Renew Late. - Monday, July 10, 2017

An architecture or landscape architecture firm whose Certificate of Authorization lapsed on June 30 must apply for a NEW firm certificate of authorization. Instructions on how to apply are located here.

Please contact the board office at 614-466-2316 if you need assistance. 



NCARB Launches Second Alternative Path to Architect Certification - Wednesday, June 07, 2017

The National Council of Architectural Registration Boards (NCARB) has launched the second phase of its revised certification path for architects without a degree from an accredited program. This newest path comes as part of a multi-year effort to streamline NCARB programs and initiatives to be more inclusive   of individuals outside of the traditional path to licensure, while maintaining the rigor necessary to protect the publics health, safety, and welfare.


Through the new NCARB Certificate Portfolio, architects licensed in a U.S. jurisdiction who hold any education other than an architecture-related degree—including those who do not have a college degree—can satisfy the Certificates education requirement by completing an online portfolio documenting learning through experience. The first phase, which launched in February 2017, enables architects with a four-year, architecture-related degree to satisfy the same requirement by documenting two times the Architectural Experience Programs (AXP™) hours.


“Professional mobility is a goal of many practicing architects, said NCARB President Kristine A. Harding, NCARB, AIA. This revised path makes that goal achievable for a broader range of licensed individuals, while maintaining the quality standards expected by our boards and the public. Together, these alternative paths form the successor to the Broadly Experienced Architect (BEA) Program, which was retired in 2016.


The NCARB Certificate is a valuable credential for architects that facilitates reciprocal licensure across the 54 U.S. jurisdictions and several countries, among other benefits. To qualify for certification, applicants must meet the NCARB Education Standard, traditionally done by earning a professional degree in architecture from a program accredited by the National Architectural Accrediting Board (NAAB).


Both the NCARB Certificate Portfolio and two times AXP option are offered at no additional charge to active NCARB Record holders and eliminates the BEA’s $5,000 review fee. It also facilitates a shorter, more objective review process than the previous program, allowing applicants to link exhibits in the portfolio to specific  areas outlined in the NCARB Education Standard. Applicants will also need to meet NCARBs experience and examination requirements to earn an NCARB Certificate.


U.S.  architects interested in pursuing certification through the portfolio must have at least three years of continuous licensure in any U.S. jurisdiction without disciplinary action, and fall into one of two categories:


     Architects with post-secondary education who have obtained 64 or more semester credit hours. These applicants are required to obtain an EESA evaluation and submit a portfolio to address any deficiencies.

     Architects with less than 64 semester credit hours of post-secondary education. These applicants are not required to obtain an EESA and must address all education requirements through a portfolio.

 To learn more about the benefits of NCARB certification, visit www.ncarb.org.

Chris Fleming, PE, LEED AP, Named to Ohio Landscape Architects Board - Tuesday, May 30, 2017

Governor John Kasich has named Chris Fleming, PE, LEED AP to serve on the Ohio Landscape Architects Board as the Allied Professional Member.


Mr. Fleming will serve a five-year term on the Board. He is an Engineer/Designer with Korda/Nemeth Engineering, Inc.


Fleming is a graduate of the University of Cincinnati and resides in Ashville, Ohio.

Use of Title in the State of Ohio - Tuesday, May 30, 2017

Ohio law restricts the use of the title Architect, and any of its derivatives, to only those individuals who have been issued a license to practice Architecture by the state of Ohio. 


Individuals who have been approved by the state of Ohio to take the Architect Registration Exam ™ may use the titles Intern Architect or Architectural Intern.


No other title containing the word Architect, or any of its derivatives, may be used by unlicensed individuals. This includes, but is not limited to, titles such as Graduate Architect or Architectural Associate.


If you have any questions, please contact the Board office.

Ohio's Written Contract Requirement - Tuesday, May 30, 2017

The Ohio Architects Board wishes to remind its licensees about Ohio’s written contract requirement for architectural services. An Ohio architect or architectural firm is required to use a written contract when providing professional services. The contract must be executed prior to beginning any work on the project.

Ohio architects and firms can only enter into written contracts with either the owner of the project, the design-build contractor for the project or as a consultant to an Ohio professional engineer or Ohio landscape architect. Architects and firms should not enter into contracts with entities offering building envelope consulting & exterior support services or energy and testing services for the benefit of a third party.

Architects and firms entering into contracts with other entities could be in violation of aiding and abetting the illegal practice of architecture.

In addition, the contract must include the following information:

(1) A description and location of the site.


(2) A description of the services to be provided by the registered architect to the client.


(3) A description of the basis of compensation applicable to the contract and the method of payment agreed upon by both parties.


(4) The name and address of the registered architect or architectural firm and the client's name and address.


(5) A description of the procedure to be used by the registered architect and client or design-builder to accommodate additional services.


(6) A statement identifying the ownership of documents prepared by the registered architect and/or reuse of documents.


(7) A description of the procedure to be used by either party to terminate the contract.


Should you have further questions regarding design-build or written contracts, please see Ohio Revised Code 4703.182 and Ohio Administrative Code 4703-3-09 or call the Board office at 614-466-2316.

eLicense Portal User Guide - Published - Thursday, April 27, 2017

The Boards have changed to a new database, "eLIcense 3.0." New and existing licensees must register and create an account at https://elicense.ohio.gov/. A User Guide can be found here

Looking for an ARE Study Course? - Published - Thursday, April 27, 2017

Are you an ARE candidate looking for a study course? Various Ohio components of the American Institute of Architects offer low cost study courses. These classes are open to both members and non-members. For a complete 2017 schedule, please visit the AIA Ohio website here: ARE Study Calendar. Then contact the appropriate AIA component to sign up!


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