Customer Service

Customer Service Standards

Adopted by the Board October 2012

Our customers include:

• The citizens of Ohio
• Students contemplating a career in architecture or landscape architecture
• Students currently enrolled in architecture or landscape architecture programs
• Colleges and universities that offer architecture or landscape architecture degrees
• Exam candidates
• Licensees – individuals and firms
• Federal, state and local government agencies and elected officials
• Architecture or landscape architecture technical and professional societies and associations

Our customer service goals:

• We will treat all of our customers with courtesy and respect.
• We will provide high-quality service by a knowledgeable staff.
• We will provide complete, accurate and precise information.
• We will regularly assess our customer’s needs and level of satisfaction with our service.
• We will continue to improve our customer service based on customer feedback.

For questions, or to comment on our Customer Service, please email Cheryl Thaxton or call 614-466-6677.