Registration Requirements

Please review this information prior to applying for a license to practice architecture or landscape architecture in Ohio.

Firms must also be licensed in Ohio. Please see the Firm Registration section for information.

Apply online at Please use the browser, Chrome, when applying. For assistance when applying online, read the Portal Registration Guide.



Applicants for a license that have pled guilty to, been convicted of, or been found judicially guilty of any the following crimes may be disqualified from being licensed as an architect or landscape architect. The following crimes are considered by the Boards to be directly related to the duties/responsibilities of the licensed occupations:


The above listed crimes are not automatically disqualifying. The Ohio Architects Board or Landscape Architects Board will review the facts of each case on an individual basis. The offense may or may not result in a proposed action to deny licensure. The factors considered may include, but are not limited to the following:

  • The nature and seriousness of the offense;
  • Passage of time since the crime was committed and whether all terms ordered by the court were successfully completed;
  • Whether any other offenses were committed since the crime;
  • Relationship of the crime to the ability, capacity, and fitness required to perform the duties and responsibilities of the occupation;
  • Any evidence of mitigating rehabilitation or treatment successfully completed;
  • Whether denial of the license is reasonably necessary to ensure the health, safety, and welfare of the public.

If an applicant has a criminal history, the Boards will conduct a thorough investigation and considers the above factors and others, including the facts and circumstances underlying the offense, and the total number and pattern of offenses.

Determination by Board Whether your Criminal Conviction is Disqualifying 

  • If you are a potential applicant you wishes to know whether your criminal conviction will disqualify you from licensure, pursuant to RC 9.78(B) you may request a determination by the Board stating whether your criminal conviction is disqualifying. Simply email us with a description of your conviction and the Board will make a review.