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Public Participation in Rulemaking

The Board welcomes stakeholder input into the rulemaking process. All rules are discussed at Board meetings, which are open to the public. Prior to filing any rule, the Board will provide public notice to all interested stakeholder groups, seeking input and commentary. Please contact the Board if you would like to be placed on this mailing list. 

Once commentary has been received, the Board will file the rule first with the Governor's Common Sense Initiative office, if applicable, and then with the Joint Committee on Agency Rule Review (JCARR). In accordance with RC Chapter 119 and the Board's own rules:

(A) Prior to the adoption, amendment or rescission of any rule, this board shall give public notice thereof, as provided in section 119.03 of the Revised Code at least thirty days prior to the date set for public hearing. Notice shall be given in the register of Ohio. This notice shall include:

(1) A statement of the board's intention to consider adoption, amendment or rescission of a rule;

(2) A synopsis of the proposed rule, amendment or rescission, or a general statement of the subject matter to which the proposed rule, amendment or rescission relates;

(3) A statement of the reason or purpose for adopting, amending or rescinding the rule.

(4) The date, time and place of the hearing on the proposed action.

(B) The board shall provide copies of the notice of public hearing or the complete text of the proposed rule, amendment or rescission to any person who requests it at a fee not to exceed the cost of copying and mailing.