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Take the ARE - Architect Registration Examination®

Examination Requirement

All candidates are required to pass the Architect Registration Examination®, which assesses candidates for their knowledge, skills, and ability to provide the various services required in the practice of architecture. Candidates must have their eligibility determined by the Ohio Board, after which they can schedule the ARE through NCARB's My Examination website.

  • Scheduling the ARE - In order to schedule the exam, candidates must submit an application for initial licensure  through the Ohio eLicense portal at elicense.ohio.gov. Candidates must create an account, and then apply with the Board for an Individual License by Examination. Once received, the Board can authorize the candidate to to take the ARE. Candidates must also request ARE eligibility through NCARB's My Examination.

  • Taking the ARE - The ARE® is administered by NCARB. Candidates schedule online through the "My Exam" section of the NCARB website. Ohio candidates may take the exam at any PSI location in the US. 

  • ARE Concurrent With AXP - Ohio candidates may begin taking the ARE upon graduating with a professional degree and while completing AXP, or be enrolled in an "Integrated Path to Licensure" (IPAL) program in any state. 

  • Five Year Rolling Clock - Under the terms of the NCARB Five-Year Rolling Clock, which was effective on January 1, 2006, candidates taking the ARE must pass all divisions within five years. Ohio follows the NCARB Five-Year Rolling Clock.

  • ARE Special Accommodations - All testing centers are designed to accommodate people with disabilities. Testing accommodations will only be made with the authorization NCARB, and application may be made through NCARB's My Examination website.