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Change of Contact Information

Contact Information Changes: Address, Email, Name

Registrants and exam candidates are responsible for keeping their contact information current with the Board. The board sends most communications via email, including renewal notices. Please keep a current, personal (non-business) email address on file with the Board.

The best way to update your contact information is to login to your account at the eLicense portal. You can also email, write via USPS, or call the Board office with changes in your contact information. 

Licensees who do not notify the Board of email address changes will not receive a renewal notice. It is the licensee’s responsibility to ensure their license does not lapse due to the wrong address.

ARE Candidates

ARE candidates must update contact information with the Board as well as NCARB at www.ncarb.org.

NCARB Certificate Holders

Persons holding an NCARB certificate must notify those organizations of any change of address, in addition to the Board. 

Individual Name Change

The easiest way to report an individual name change is to login to the eLicense portal and create a Service Request. You can also email or send via USPS your documentation to the Board. 

You must include a copy of the legal document (marriage license, court order, etc.). The document can be accepted as a PDF via email.

Firm Address Change

Firms are responsible for keeping their addresses current. The easiest way to report an address change is to login to the eLicense portal  You can also email or send via USPS your information to the Board. 

Firm Email Address

An email address is required for all firms. Renewal notices are sent annually via email around May 1. Certificates are sent to firms via email to the Ohio architect in responsible control. 

Firm Name Change

A change in a firm’s name requires a new application in order to maintain a Certificate of Authorization (firm license). To apply for a new Certificate of Authorization application, the Ohio architect of record for the firm should login to the eLicense portal.

Deceased Persons

Often, the Board does not learn of a death until the renewal notice is received by a family member. Members of the profession or the public may notify the Board; however, all information is subject to verification. A death certificate or obituary is acceptable documentation.