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Requirements to maintain licensure

Maintaining an Architect's License

Architects are required to maintain their license in good standing in order to continue the practice of architecture in Ohio. This requires the following:

  • Compliance with Ohio's architectural laws and rules, Ohio Revised Code Chapter 4703
  • Completion of 12 hours of approved Continuing Education on the topic of Health, Safety, and Welfare
  • Timely completion of a renewal application

Compliance with Laws

All architects are charged with knowing all of the laws and rules governing their license. These laws, RC 4703, can be found here, and the rules, OAC 4703, can be found here. Failure to follow these laws and rules can result in a disciplinary action against the license which may result in fines, license suspension, or even license revocation.

Continuing Education Requirement

All architects must complete 12 hours of qualified continuing education every year in order to maintain their license. All 12 hours must be certified in Health, Safety, and Welfare ("HSW") and must be certified HSW by a qualified provider. Qualified providers include the following:

  • AIA
  • ALA
  • Colleges and universities/other educational institutions
  • Other technical/professional societies, state agencies or organizations

At renewal, you will be asked to attest completion of the required continuing education hours: you will not be asked to upload those documents. Licensees must retain proof of CEU completion in their records for 7 years in case of audit by the Board. Failure to complete the required CEUs may result in disciplinary action against the license.  

Renewal Application

All architects must submit a Renewal Application along with a renewal fee prior to the expiration of the license. The renewal period is two months long and begins on November 1 of each odd-numbered year, and runs through December 31st. Architects may renew at any time during this 2-month renewal period without penalty. The Board will send notice reminders to all licensees beginning on November 1st that contain renewal instructions.

Renewals are made online through the elicense system. The renewal fee is $125 plus a $3.50 transaction fee. Failure to timely renew incurs a 25% late fee, and may subject the licensee to disciplinary sanctions.